Weight Loss Plateau or Rebound Weight Gain After Weight Loss Surgery

One of the most frustrating things for anyone who has undergone weight loss surgery is if the weight loss stalls or hits a plateau.  No matter what you do, it seems as though the scale does not budge.  There are extremely helpful methods for moving off of that plateau and jump-starting the weight loss process.

One of the most successful methods is to stop and regroup, and then imagine that this plateau weight is your new baseline weight. To then jump start weight loss involves initiating a new induction type program such as the induction weight loss diet program at iMetabolic.  This kind of program involves using meal replacement shakes and a low carbohydrate, low calorie diet in addition to some increased calorie-burning exercises.

To make this kind of effort successful, it requires not only a physical change and diet change, but also mental or psychological change.  This is a highly successful method and you can succeed with it if you put your mind to it.  I talk about how to go about this and describe the specific recommended diet that has worked for many patients of mine who have experienced weight loss plateaus in the past. And have seen the weight loss resume once they initiated the program described.

Possibly more distressing than hitting a plateau for a bariatric patient is the experience of rebound weight gain. Rebound weight gain is sometimes referred to as a relapse after weight loss surgery.  The most important thing is not to panic, but to refocus, gather information, regroup and rededicate yourself to losing the weight once again. All hope is not lost.  The tools and techniques are described in the e-book “After weight loss surgery” and suggestions about when to see your doctor, when to see your bariatric surgeon if this has occurred are discussed.  An important point to know is there is hope you still can succeed at losing the weight.  There are methods available, both nonsurgical and surgical.  So, you can restart your weight loss journey today and still be successful.

I cover both these concepts in detail in the newly released e-book “After Weight-Loss Surgery” available on Kindle through Amazon and Sony Readers and on iMetabolic and other places where e-books are sold or distributed.  For a nominal fee and download, you can learn from the experience of thousands of people who have come before you and successfully lost weight and kept it off after their weight loss operations.

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