Weight-Loss Resolution for Men (Part 2 of 3)

In an earlier post I started to discuss some of the weight loss tips that I cover in my book Doctor’s Orders: 101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight.  I previously made some suggestions regarding what you can do to lose weight while your on the job. In this post I want give you some ideas about how to make your weight loss effort more successful after work.  Here are a few weight loss tips to think about:

Off the Job

  1. A couple of beers with the guys after work can’t hurt, can it? Yes, it can. And if a couple beers after work is a nightly habit, you’re packing in plenty of useless calories, all carbohydrate calories and all working against you. I’m not suggesting you never indulge again. Afternoon football games, Monday night games and a couple beers with your friends – that’s all part of life. You can take steps to make that part of your life less a part of your weight, though. Try alternating between cold beer and a tall glass of ice water. You’ll fill up, avoid any potential hangover and cut your calories way back. Also, why not make that beer a lower calorie, lower carb beer.
  2. Watch the extras that go with the beer. Snack foods are sneaky. The calories add up quickly. Stay aware of how many times your hand is going to the chip bag or the pretzel bowl and try to keep several other people between you and the snacks – or don’t order them at all.
  3. Is there a gym you pass on the way home? How about heading there a couple times a week rather than to happy hour? Invite your friends to come along – you could be doing them a huge favor.

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