Weight Loss Tip: Avoid Temptation when “Family” Means “Food”

Weight Loss Tip #90 Avoid temptation when “family” means “food”

From Doctors Orders: 101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight

Being a guest can be difficult. Being a guest on a diet can be even more difficult. But being a guest for family functions is sometimes the hardest test of all. Everyone in the family thinks they know you, what you like to eat and how much. When you start making changes it will confuse and possibly alarm them. They’ll wan the old you back. They’ll want to feed the old you.

Wether your family meets once a year for a major holiday or every Sunday for a traditional family dinner, you need to take control of what you’re going to eat. Try to mentally preoare before going. Know ahead of time if you’re going to be facing dietary choices, like potatoes for vegetables for breaded meats for the main course, and look for ways to lessen the caloric hit, from taking smaller portions to planning the workouts to make up for it. You might want to try a mini-fast that night, or curtail your calories for the cext couple of days.

In addition, if you’ve made dessert a special occasion rather than a nightly expectation, this is no time to change. Even if you ‘ve anticipated your father’s breaded shrimp or your mother-in-law’s potatoes au gratin, you don’t have to eat the unexpected seven-layer German chocolate cake. Skipping dessert isn’t that unusual anymore. You might even have other family members joining you.

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