Weight Loss Tip: Brush Your Teeth An Hour Earlier

Weight Loss Tip #16 Brush your teeth an hour earlier

From Doctors Orders: 101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight

After dinner, when it’s time for your walk, or time to read or watch TV, about the time you change into your sweats or your pajamas and get comfortable, take a minute and brush your teeth. Who doesn’t like to have fresh, minty, clean teeth?

Once you’ve brushed your teeth, have nothing but ice water for the rest of the night. This simple step can help you avoid taking needless, mindless calories by snacking on popcorn or trail-mix, sweets or salty things that many of us crave in the evening. Most of the time we don’t need these calories; we’re not really hungry; we’re just watching TV or reading a book. Since these late-night calories are the most likely to be immediately deposited and stored as fat, they’re some of the most important calories to avoid.

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