Weight Loss Tip: Fight Back When the Day Gets Crazy

Weight Loss Tip# 6 Fight Back When the Day Gets Crazy

From Doctors Orders: 101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight

Some days just don’t fall into line, no matter how well you plan. The day turns crazy. The kids need something. A crisis happens at work. Unexpected events cancel your well-planned lunch and dinner regime.

What can you do to avoid the binge that can happen if you go too long without feeding the beast?

Keep some low-carb snacks available. Some of the protein bars don’t hold up well in the car in the summer heat, but others do. Experiment and try stashing a box of the kind that are not covered in chocolate somewhere in your car.

Then think of some other snacks that work for you: beef jerky, cheese sticks and other low-carb snacks, keep them available for when the day falls apart, you’re out running errands and there is no way to have an organized meal.

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