As recently covered in the New York Times by Jane Brody, there is increasing evidence that problems of weight gain and obesity may begin even earlier than was ever thought before.  In a study out of Boston Children’s Hospital and Columbia University it was recently found by doctors Currie and Ludwig that women who gained more weight during pregnancy were much more likely to have overweight or heavier babies.   And birth weight is predictive of body mass index later in life.

Ms. Brody’s article in the  New York Times goes on to site a second study published in circulation in June of 2010 demonstrated that excess weight gain by the mother during pregnancy was predictive of several risks for the baby including birth complications, obesity, excess fat and metabolic abnormalities.

In some, the studies and the editorials accompanying them point out that some serious consequences including lifelong health problems and obesity stem in part from the excessive weight gain by pregnant mothers.  The studies tend to dispel the idea that special genes are responsible for obesity.

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