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Weight loss is increasingly important for more and more Americans and more and more people around the world. In fact, the most important single thing that most of us could do to improve our health is to lose weight. And yet losing weight is not easy. A set of seemingly insurmountable obstacles exist that prevent us from exercising regularly and eating healthy meals and snacks that would allow us to reach a healthier weight and maintain our weight.

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In addition, the science of weight loss and nutritional health is advancing rapidly with frequent new discoveries and helpful, practical advances. Dr. Kent C. Sasse has helped thousands of people succeed in this challenging journey to a healthier weight. He remains intensely engaged in the practice and science of weight loss through research, writing, patient care and his service as medical director of a medical weight loss center (International Metabolic Institute ) and a surgical weight loss center (Western Bariatric Institute).

Dr. Kent C. Sasse’s dedication to this field and to his patients leads him to maintain an intense and sustained burning curiosity about all of the advances in this field, from the basic science, biochemistry and metabolism research to the clinical trials of weight loss programs, techniques, medications and surgery. He posts a lot of interesting updated information on his blog on this site, and writes more in depth analysis, practical tips, programs, recipes, meal plans, inspirational methods and exercise regimens in his newsletter and in special reports and communications. Dr. Sasse’s books and audio programs address many of these subjects in more detail an provide all of us with a very insightful and objective, well-informed source of information that will help us achieve long-term weight loss success.

posted: July 4th, 2008

Dr. Kent Sasse, Medical Director | 75 Pringle Way Suite 804 Reno, NV 89502 | Phone: 775-829-7999

Dr. Kent Sasse serves the entire city of Reno and all the surrounding areas. Dr. Sasse is one of the nation's foremost medical weight loss and bariatric surgical experts.
Dr. Sasse has educated patients about food nutrition and weight loss for many years.

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