When Might Revision Weight Loss Surgery Be Necessary?

When someone has regained a great deal of weight, sometimes the medical, psychological and dietary solutions just don’t seem to be enough.  Sometimes it is time to reconsider a surgical solution.  This concept is referred to as Revision weight loss surgery or Revision bariatric surgery.

Some of the important times to consider seeking an experienced bariatric surgeon for consideration of a revision are if you were successful after the original procedure, but have no longer experienced the sense of fullness or satiety any longer and you are able to eat a great deal more.

There is more to it than that, of course, but it is a start. Revision surgery is not thought to be quite as successful as first-time bariatric procedures, though it is highly successful in many, and probably most cases. But how do you go about approaching the concept?

The first place is to start with “After Weight-Loss Surgery”,  the eBook I have written to provide the most up-to-date information on success after weight-loss surgery. It covers this topic of considering revision surgery and goes through the questions to ask, the procedures that might be available, and helps you begin to understand if Revision surgery might be for you.

After you have all of that information in hand, if you think you are a candidate for Revision surgery, you’ll need to seek a highly-experienced bariatric surgeon to see if he or she feels there might be a surgical solution for you. And of course, as you know from reading this blog and my books, it is not an “easy way out” by any means. After Revision surgery, you will still need to transform your mind before you can transform your body. It will take hard work, commitment and effort, but you can succeed.

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