Why Fad Diets are So Popular

Have you ever noticed that fad diets tend to change every season? If you go back a few years in the fashion magazines and popular press, you will find mention of a mind-boggling number of fad diets over the last years. But every issue and every season the specifics of the diet change. If they are highlighting a particular ingredient, the ingredient usually changes.

It certainly leads to the conclusion that these fad diets live a fairly short life and that the lack of any durable success shoves them off the front pages to be replaced by the next fad diet. And yet why are fad diets so popular?

One reason they are popular is that weight gain and obesity are increasingly serious and increasingly ubiquitous problems. Nearly everyone, it seems, would love to have a simple way to lose pounds after they have built up, and what better way to do it than with a painless diet plan?

The trouble is that fad diets nearly always result in rebound weight gain. Rebound Weight Gain is a phenomenon that occurs after the energy and enthusiasm of the diet wanes. For example, on a very typical fad diet, a person dramatically restricts one’s overall nutrient consumption and eats a narrow range of food choices. The fad diet rarely consists of emphasis on the medically proven, sound building blocks of weight loss, namely that of emphasizing protein and multivitamins along with exercise and increased calorie expenditure. So at the end of the fad diet, a person begins to experience a tremendous amount of hunger.

This hunger stems from the body’s muscles or “lean body mass” which has been depleted as a result of the fad diet. The muscle hunger is powerful and nearly impossible to resist and leads most people to begin voraciously consuming more calories. Usually the calories consumed are not in keeping with the medically sound guidelines that might help facilitate long-term weight loss. As a result of this whole cycle of the fad diet, a person usually yo-yos and ultimately gains more weight than had they not even started on the fad diet.

But it doesn’t stop us from looking for the magic bullet of a fad diet that might one day work. Does it?

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