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We always lament the increasing amount of “screen time” that adults, and especially children, are getting these days. One of the real pushes from the Obesity Prevention Foundation is to limit screen time for youngsters to no more than an hour a day. It is believed that too much screen time (whether it’s television or computer screen, video game or handheld gaming device) means just that many more hours that are not spent being active outdoors getting exercise. And because the TV shows, movies, computer games and internet options are so much more interesting and entertaining, we seem to be losing the battle with kids spending more time in front of the screen and less time outdoors using their muscles.

But one exciting and positive development is the Wii Fit and some other games and entertainment systems either on the drawing board or filtering out into the marketplace. These entertainment systems involve physical activity, monitoring, scoring and advancing through levels of physical accomplishments, even yoga poses. And so far, adults and kids seem to find the Wii Fit pretty darn entertaining. It offers levels of challenge, levels of accomplishments, exciting awards when reaching levels.

Have you tried WiiFit or other active games? What do you think?Wii Fit

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